October STEP Course (2) - Online

October STEP Course (2) - Online

by STEP Maths


Summer STEP Course (Part 2/5) - The first installment of our comprehensive STEP Preparation Programme

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you are taking ANY of the STEP Papers this year (STEP I, II or III).

Part 2 of our 5-Part STEP Preparation Course covers material from the A2 Mathematics course, including polynomials and divisibility, advanced differentiation, advanced trigonometry and graph sketching.

Especially recommended for students sitting STEP I or II, and very valuable if you are sitting STEP III.

Course content

So, In Part 2, you will explore:

STEP Questions covering the following topics:

  • Differentiation including the chain, product and quotient rules
  • Polynomials and their properties including multivariable polynomials
  • Graph sketching including sketching complicated composite functions
  • Advanced trigonometric identities

These are key, fundamental skills in answering ANY STEP Question. See the bottom of this page for more course content information!

Advantages of an Online STEP Programme

1)You can work:

  • Where you want
  • When you want
  • How often you want
  • How you want

For example, instead of:

Having to wake up at 6am in your school holidays to attend a full day intensive STEP course

You could:

Choose to sit by the pool in a beach resort in Barbados, attempting 2 STEP questions before lunch and then watching the video solutions on your phone just before your afternoon siesta - making STEP Preparation feel like much less of a drag and part of your revision routine.

2) You work at your own pace

  • Watch the solutions as many times as you need to
  • Skip the parts you understood
  • Rewind and replay the bits your need clarification on
  • Come back to the same questions at a later date and reattempt them
  • Have enough time to think about the problem before being presented with the solution

3) Same expert STEP Maths tutors that take our in-person courses

  • Our STEP Maths tutors have first class Mathematics degrees from Oxbridge
  • They have plenty experience teaching in schools and tutoring privately
  • They know the areas where you’re likely to get stuck
  • They explain concepts clearly and intuitively
  • They don’t just give you a solution, but talk about key ideas and common themes which will apply to questions you’ll attempt in the future.

4) Bundle Packages

Our 5-Part STEP Programme can be bought either as

  1. Individual parts
  2. Bundle packages

What’s more, the bundle packages can be bought on subscription! This means that if you only use the bundle for one month, you only pay for one month! [For the non-subscription version, you will unlimited access until the STEP exams 2017].

If you’ve already attended one of our in-person courses, but are interested in the other parts of the package, let us know and we’ll create a bespoke package for you!


"Strong explanations and a wide range of good questions"

"The course went through many different kinds of questions where the presenters clearly explained how to layout answers as well as the method behind them. This kind of support for step papers is not available at my school so this was extremely helpful. "

"I would definitely recommend this course. I learnt a lot about how to answer STEP questions and the process of thinking and how to avoid pitfalls."

"The lesson today was focused on sketching graphs and I now feel more confident with the STEP questions on this topic. I learnt different approaches to questions that I would not have been able to consider without this course. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is considering STEP because it gave a good insight into the style of questions asked in STEP."

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